Hearing Aids

Hearing is a vital sense in our lives and hearing aids can help us regain that sense if we experience hearing loss. We understand that choosing the right hearing aid can be overwhelming, especially after learning you have hearing loss. That’s why we're here to simplify the process. Here we have outlined everything we feel you should know about the different styles and features of hearing aids we offer, as well as introducing you to the leading brands that we use.

Styles of Hearing Aids

Understanding the various styles of hearing aids is crucial when making an informed decision. Let's delve deeper into each style:

Behind-the-Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids:

  • BTE hearing aids are the most common style, known for their versatility and suitability for various degrees of hearing loss.
  • BTE hearing aids come in various sizes, including mini and standard versions, catering to your preferences.

Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids:

  • RIC hearing aids are designed for those seeking a more discreet option without compromising sound quality.
  • These aids place the receiver directly in your ear canal, connected by a thin wire for optimal sound clarity.
  • RIC hearing aids often come with additional features like rechargeability and Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio.

In-the-Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids:

  • ITE hearing aids are custom-fitted to the unique contours of your ear, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.
  • They are available in different sizes, from full-shell to half-shell, offering various levels of discretion.
  • ITE aids are known for their convenience and ease of use, with accessible controls and settings.

Completely-in-Canal (CIC) Hearing Aids:

  • CIC hearing aids are nearly invisible, fitting deep inside your ear canal.
  • They offer the highest level of discretion and are ideal for those seeking a highly cosmetic solution.
  • CIC aids are custom-made to ensure a snug fit, making them comfortable for extended wear.

Features of Hearing Aids

Modern hearing aids are equipped with an array of features designed to enhance your listening experience. Here are some key features:

Noise Reduction:

Advanced noise reduction algorithms analyze your surroundings and reduce background noise, allowing you to focus on speech.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

Many hearing aids offer Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to connect wirelessly to smartphones, TVs, and other devices for seamless audio streaming and hands-free calls.

Directional Microphones:

Directional microphones automatically focus on sounds in front of you, improving speech understanding in noisy environments.

Telecoil (T-Coil):

Telecoil technology allows you to connect to hearing loops in public spaces, such as theaters and churches, for improved sound clarity.

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak is a leading brand renowned for innovation, quality, and a commitment to improving lives through better hearing. Explore Phonak's range of hearing aids, including the latest models and groundbreaking technologies.

  • Phonak offers a wide range of hearing aids, from discreet in-the-ear models to powerful behind-the-ear devices.
  • Their latest models include the Phonak Paradise, known for its exceptional sound quality and connectivity options.
  • Phonak hearing aids feature cutting-edge technology like AutoSense, which adapts to your listening environment, ensuring a seamless listening experience.


Lyric hearing aids offer a unique, natural listening experience by utilizing the ear's anatomy to amplify sound. Unlike traditional aids, Lyric is 100% invisible and placed close to the eardrum by a professional, ensuring natural sound quality and comfort. Designed for continuous wear for months without maintenance, Lyric suits an active lifestyle, allowing use during sports, with headphones, and even while sleeping. With its wide range of sizes and hassle-free design that requires no batteries or charging, Lyric is an innovative solution for seamless, everyday hearing enhancement.

Sennheiser OTC Hearing Aids

Sennheiser OTC Hearing Aids are designed to provide exceptional sound quality and user-friendliness. Discover their range of over-the-counter hearing solutions.

  • Sennheiser is a renowned name in audio technology, and their OTC hearing aids combine their expertise with cutting-edge hearing solutions.
  • These hearing aids offer outstanding sound quality and intuitive controls for a seamless listening experience.
  • Sennheiser OTC Hearing Aids are designed for ease of use and can be adjusted to your preferences.

Choosing the right hearing aid is a significant step toward a life enriched with sound. At South Dayton Hearing Aids & Audiology, we're here to guide you through the process. Whether you're interested in the latest Phonak model, the innovation of Signia, the personalized approach of Audina, or the quality of Sennheiser OTC Hearing Aids, we're dedicated to helping you find the perfect solution for your hearing needs.

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